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Rabeeca Khan Yellow Dressing Clicks at friend Wedding

The renowned social media influencer from Pakistan, Rabeeca Khan, stole the limelight at her friend’s wedding with her charming attire and makeup. Her pastel-colored lehenga choli complemented her delicate jewelry and beautiful hairstyle, making her look stunning.

Rabeeca’s makeup was flawless, highlighting her best features with a natural and radiant finish. Subtle eyeliner and mascara accentuated her eyes, while her lips were painted with a soft pink shade that matched her outfit’s color scheme.

Recently, the TikTok star shared a stunning wedding photoshoot on her Instagram, donning a sparkling gold and grayish saree named Gold Magesty by Improzia Premium.

Daughter of Kashif Khan, Rabeeca Khan is a renowned entertainer and TikToker, admired by every young girl and boy for her glamour and enchanting eyes. She is ranked among the top TikTokers and entertainers in Pakistan.

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