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Momal Sheikh Massively Cute Clicks with Husband

Momal Sheikh, the daughter of veteran actor Javed Sheikh, tied the knot with Nadir in 2012 and they are considered one of the most romantic and beloved couples in the showbiz industry. The couple is blessed with two adorable children.

Recently, Momal Sheikh, a prominent Pakistani actress and producer, shared some stunning pictures on social media where she can be seen wearing a bold and youthful western dress that accentuates her curves.

Her flat stomach and well-defined features have left her fans in awe. She is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and charming stars of the Pakistani drama and film industry.

Momal Sheikh comes from a large showbiz family, with her father being one of the most senior artists in Pakistan. Her brother, uncles, and cousin are also part of the industry, and they frequently collaborate on different projects.

Staying fit is a vital aspect of being on screen, but it is not always an easy task. Momal Sheikh revealed that she had to work hard on herself after having kids because losing weight was not easy for her.

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