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Maryam Nafees and Aman Massively Adorable Pictures Together

Mariyam Nafees is a talented Pakistani actress who first rose to fame for her role as Zarminey in Hum TV’s Diyar-e-Dil, and later played Tabinda in Kuch Na Kaho.

In addition to her television career, she has also made impressive contributions to the film industry, with her most notable work being the movie Article 370.

Recently, the actress made headlines for her unique and bold fashion sense when some lovely pictures of her and her husband went viral on social media. The pictures show Mariyam donning a stunning open pink sari, which highlights her youthful and beautiful appearance.

Many fans have commended the couple’s unconventional fashion statement, noting how refreshing it is to see a couple who aren’t afraid to break traditional gender norms and experiment with their style in such a bold way.

Mariyam Nafees has always been known for her talent and beauty, but her daring pink sari look has showcased her skills as a trendsetter in the world of fashion. Her latest fashion statement has already inspired many, and fans are eagerly anticipating what other bold choices she will make in the future.

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