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Pakistani Youtuber Azlan Shah Got Married and Give Donkey Baby As a Gift To Wife

Azlan Shah and Doctor Warisha Javed Khan, two famous Pakistani YouTubers got married in a lovely ceremony. A few days ago, the couple had their Nikkah, which was followed by lengthy wedding festivities.

On the day of their wedding, both of them had adopted the appearance of the Mughal Empire, giving the impression that they were getting married to a prince and princess of a palace. We have to mention that YouTubers in Pakistan are making more money than engineers and doctors because they spend so much on their wedding and travel that the viewer is forced to think.

In the Walima ceremony, Azlan Shah can be seen bringing baby donkeys for his wife because his wife is very fond of baby donkeys. Seeing this scene, his wife was shocked and even loved the ‘donkey’s baby’. Azlan mentioned that the ‘donkey baby’ was not alone and was accompanied by his mother.

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