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Famous Tiktok Couple Kanwal Aftab and Zulaqarnain Blessed with Baby Girl

Yesterday, Famous tiktok star Kanwal Afab and Zulqarnain blesses with baby girl, After birth of baby kanwal aftab hug to doughter and more kisses, Zulqaranain feeling so happy and proudy, He also hug to doughter and kisses, They both Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain share lovely clicks on all social media with new born doughter.

Every video of kanwal aftab and zulqarnain hit the millions views from tiktok, becuase they made most funny videos, Now they both stat the works on youtube, Zulqarnain and Kanwal aftab made vlogs on different content, Kanwal aftab also start the acting in pakistani drama industry.

In 2022, Tiktoker Kanwal aftab is 24 years young star, She was born in 1998 at Lahore Pakistan, She is very beautifull and young star, Kanwal Aftab complete the education from University of Central Punjab UCP.

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