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Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan Celebrating Birthday of Famous Tv Host Shaista Lodhi

Today in this article, we discuss Tiktoker Rabeeca khan give the surpise to Dr shaista lodhi, Rabeeca Khan arrange a small birthday celebrating function at home, Rabeeca khan celebrating birthday of her most senior friend shaista lodhi. Shaista cutt the cake and give the 1st bite to Rabeeca khan.

Famous tv show host Dr Shaista lodhi and Rabeeca khan wore dark colour dresses, She looks so attractive and beautifull. Rabeeca khan wore pink color dress and Shaista lodhi wore green color dress. In thses day they both Rabeeca Khan and Shaista lodhi working together in same project.

Shaista Lodhi is a Pakistani television host, and actress. She is very beautifull and young star in this age, If we talk about the age of Actress Shaista Lodhi in 2022, She turned is 45 years young star. She was born in 1977 at Sindh Pakistan. She complete the education from Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Habib Public School.

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