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Actress Maya Ali Won Best Actress Award From Dubai Looks so Stunning and Bold

Maryam Tanveer, known by her stage name Maya Ali, is a Pakistani actress. She made her debut with a brief role in telenovela Durr-e-Shehwar and later received praise for portraying the titular characters in Aik Nayee Cinderella and Aun Zara both. 

Actress Maya Ali won the best Actress award in out of world from dubai, Last was award show in dubai, Actress Maya Ali wore full open bold and attractive dress, She looks so bold hot and young also lovely in these pictures. Every men in awrd show see to maya ali because she wore attarctive and different dress all.

She is still single without any boy friend and husband in this age, In 2022 Actress Maya Ali is 33 years young star, She was born in 1989 at lahore pakistan. She is very smart young and fitt in this age. Maya ali is very beautifull and talented star, but she not ready for marriage.

Maya Ali also won the lux style award for the best tv female actor viewer choice. Afnan Qureshi is sibling of maya ali in showbiz. Shagufta Nazar and Tanveer Ali are parents of Maya ali, She consider the most successfull actress in showbiz, She also amazing and works in film industry.

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