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Urwa Hocane New Lovely Pictures With Ex Husband Farhan Saeed After Divorced

All of you know quite a while back ARY Proprietor Salman Iqbal made an intriguing and astonishing film Tich Button, However some issue not delivering this film, This year tich button film delivered. The previous evening was trailer delivered of Tich button film, All cast of Tich button film appreciate with one another at the time trailer delivering.

Farhan Saeed, Sonya Hussain, Feroz Khan and Amna Alyas are fundamental charachter of tis film, When the previous evening trailer delivering all cast join in and Urwa hocane additionally joined this occasion, All of you know Farhan Saeed and Urwa hocane got hitched in 2016 yet after some time she take the separated from Farhan saeed, however the previous evening Urwa hocane and farhan Saeed partake in together, Fans is very shoked after see these photos.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed saw first couple throughout everyday life, who affirm sepration yet at the same time live respectively and appreciate. They are standing close like they are partners or still a couple See A couple of Superb and Stunning Snaps of Farhan Saeed with Ex Urwa..Farhan Saeed stepped on special pathway, fans expecting his appearance skipped up to welcome him with cheers, trailed by impacts of cameras.

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