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Singer Asim Azhar Celebrate Birthday With Finac and Young Mother

Asim Azhar is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, musician and an actor. He started his career as a singer on YouTube, covering contemporary Western songs before he became a public figure. In 2022 Asim Azhar is 26 years young star, He was born in 1996 at karachi pakistan.

Last night Singer Asim Azhar celebrate the her birthday with lovely future partner Meerub and young Parents. Asim Azhar cutt the cake and give the 1st bite to Meerub of her love and then give to mother or father. Azim Azhar hug to Finac on the front of parents. They are most beautifull romantic and young couple of showbiz.

Meerub Also start the works in pakistani dramas as a actress. Record label of Asim Azhar is Universal Music india. The Genre of Asim Azhar is Indian Film Pop. Pop, Indian Pop. Gul e rana and Azhar Hussain are parents of Asim Azhar, You know Mother of Asim Azhar is most senior Actress of Pakistani Drams.

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