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Momal Sheikh 1st Time Share Lovely Pictures with Young Mother

Momal Sheikh is a most famous and young actress of pakistani showbiz industry, She is very beautifull and talented star. Momal Sheikh give the amazing and outstanding performance in every drama serials, She always playing positive innocent roles in dramas, but in reality she is very noughty and open mind star.

You all know Momal Sheikh is young doughter of most famous actor Javed Sheikh, Actress Momal Sheikh share 1st time lovely adorable clicks with her young lovely mother, Wife of Javed Sheikh mean mother of Momal sheikh is not works in showbiz industry, but her husband, doughter and son Shahzad sheikh still works in showbiz.

Actress Momal Sheikh also works in bollywood movies, She is the biggest name of pakistani stage. In 2022, Actress Momal Sheikh is 36 years young star, She was born in 1986 at karachi pakistan. Momal sheikh is very smart young and fitt in this age. She got married with Nadir in 2012, They are most favourite and young couple, Nadir also works in showbiz.

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