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Latest Beautifull Pictures of Actress Syeda Tuba in Tight Pent Shirt

You all know Syeda Tuba was 2nd wife of Dr Amir liaqat, but now Amir liaqat have been died, Before death Dr Amir liaqat give the divorced to syeda tuba for personal issues. Also divorced Syeda tuba start the works proper in pakistani drama industry, Now syeda tuba consider the successfull and biggest famous actress in showbiz.

Recently Actress Syeda Tuba share latest lovely pictures on instagram account after a long time, Syeda tuba wore simple tight pent shirt, She looking so young lovely and bold in these pictures, Syeda tuba give the amazing and oustanding performance in every drama serials.

In 2022, Actress Syeda tuba is 27 years young star, She is very smart young and fitt in this age, Syeda tuba was born in 1994 at karachi pakistan. Syeda tuba not take a descion about her 2nd marriage, She more time spent alone. She is very attractive and charming persoanlity of pakistani showbiz industry.

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