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Actress Yashma Gill Celebrating Birthday With Showbiz Friends Bold & Lovely Clicks

Yashma Gill is a Pakistani film and television actress. After starring in supporting role in a number of projects, Gill played the lead roles in the acclaimed projects, Ki Jaana Main Kaun and Kab Mere Kehlaoge, and received praise for playing an antagonist in the romantic series Pyar Ke Sadqay.

Last night Actress Yashma Gill celebrating birthday with showbiz friends, yashma gill cutt the cake and give the bites to all close friends. Actress Yashma gill wore full open bold dress on birthday celebrating day, She looks so bold hot and young in these pictures. In dramas yashma gill play positive innocent roles.

She is still single in this age without any boy friend and husband, In 2022 Actress Yashma gill is 32 years young star, She is very smart young and fitt in this age. Yashma gill was born in 1989 at Jahanian. She complete the study from Bahria University. The genre of Yashma Gill is Indian Hip-Hop.

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