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Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan Celebrate 18th Birthday with Her Boy Friend Beautifull Pictures

Rabeeca Khan is a most famous and youngest tiktok star of Pakistan, She is very beautifull and talented star, Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan also start the works in pakistani drama industry, She give the the amazing and outstanding acting in drama. Every video of rabeeca khan on tiktok hit the millions views from social media, because she made video on funny and interesting content.

Last night Tiktoker Rabeeca khan celebrate her 18th birthday with her future husband Hussain Tareen, Rabeeca khan share beautifull lovely pictures on instagram account of birthday celebration. rabeeca khan cutt the cake and give the 1st bite to her boy friend hussain tareen. Rabeeca khan wore amazing and most expensive frok on birthday celebration.

Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan is 18 years young star in 2022, but she looks more aged girl, Rabeeca khan made most biggest name in pakistani showbiz industry in too much short time. She also a good and biggest singer, The voice of Rabeeca khan is very sift and kind, and she also still works with boy frined hussain tareen in Game show at Bol Tv.

Exquisite Rabeeca Khan is the little girl of a notable humorist of Pakistan Kashif Khan. This charming face has 7.5 million supporters on TikTok and around 4.1 million Instagram adherents. Presumably, impressive Rabeeca has acquired this distinction as a result of her battle.

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