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Senior Actress Seemi Pasha Celebrate Birthday With Best Friend Saba Faisal & Annie Zaidi

Seemi Pasha is most senior and successfull actress of pakistani drama industry,  is a Pakistani film and television actress, former model, producer and director from Lahore. She is best known for portraying the roles of mothers in Pakistani television series. She mostly play mother roles in every drama serials.

Most senior actress Seemi pasha celebrate the birthday with close best friend Saba faisla and Annie Zadi at restaurent, These three aunties are biggest name of pakistani drama industry, Seemi pasha and saba faisal looks so young beautifull and lovely in this age, They are very attractive and charming persoanlities of showbiz industry.

Actress Seemi Pasha is 63 years old star in 2022, She was born in 1959 at Lahore Pakistan. Seemi pasha is very smart young and fitt in this age, She got married with Mamaroneck. And Saba faisal is also very smart and young in this age, She is 64 years young star in 2022 and Actress Annie Zaidi is 58 years young aunty in 2022.

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