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Komal Baig Lovely Adorable Pictures with New Baby Born and Husband On Eid

All of you realize Komal Baig is sister of renowned most youthful vocalist Aima Baig, Komal baig is director of Aima Baig, She deal with the movements of every sort in over all pakistan and out of world and furthermore deal with the all censert in various colleged, colleges and Wedding occasions. The two of them sister are very beautifull and capable stars.

Komal baig last year got married with boy friend Saleem, Now she is mother of one cute baby son, last weak komal admitt in hospital and allah bessed with baby son, Now komal baig discharge from hospital, Komal baig share lovely adorable pictures with nes baby son and husband at 1st eid ul adha. Komal not show the face of her baby.

Both Komal and Salem are exceptionally powerful by means of virtual diversion and they keep on invigorating their allies with the latest happenings of their lives. Komal Baig’s wedding got full media incorporation after all it was Aima Baig’s sister’s wedding.

In case we talk about the age of the sister of Pakistani craftsman model and host Aima Baig in the year 2022, then, she has turned 31 years old. However, her senior sister isn’t from Showbiz. There is no doubt that the two sisters love each other unquestionably. Also, sources have uncovered that Aima Baig is similarly set to marry performer Shahbaz Shigri soon.

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