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Hadiqa Kiani Missing Young Age Days With Husband Feeling So Sad

Hadiqa Kiani is a Pakistani Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Composser in Pakistani showbiz Industry, She is very beautifull and Young star. Hadiqa kiani made only one drama on her real life at Hum Tv Dobara with Young Actor Bilal abbas and Nouman Ijaz, She said, this drama story is same as my real life, She first time appeared in Drama as a actress.

You all Actress Hadiqa kiani got married in 2005 but 2008 she take the divorced from husband for some personal issues, She was not morher of any baby, then Hadiqa kiani decide take a baby from baby house, She take one cute baby son, Now he is young after 14 years. She not descion about 2nd marriage, hadiqa spent all life with son.

Today is weather of Lahore is very romantic and amazing, She miss her joung age days and start days of her marriage, Feeling of hadiqa kiani in this time is very sad, She spent time alone at lahore Jinnah bagh, Hadiqa kiani wore simple white sarhi, She looks so innocent lovely in these pictures.

She won the lux style award for the best Album, She nomination the lux style award for the best orignal soundtack & nomination the lux style award for the best Music Act. If we talk about the age of Actress Hadiqa Kiani in 2022, She turned is 49 years old, She was born in 1972 at Rawalpindi, She is very smart fitt and young in this age.

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