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Famous Senior Cricketer Muhammad Hafeez Enjoy Summer Vocation With Family at Scotland

Mohammad Hafeez is a former Pakistani international cricketer. Hafeez was a versatile batsman who could bat anywhere in the top 6 and formed part of the bowling attack. He is very hard work player, The nick name of Cricketer Muhammad Hafeez is Professor. He is very young and fitt player.

Now days Cricketer Muhammad Hafeez enjoy summer vocations with young lovely wife Nazia and cute kids. After retirement muhammad hafeez full enjoy and masti with lovely wife in different countries. Now day ther are chill in Scotland, few days ago they visiting dubai, malaysia, Turkey etc. The wife of Muhammad Hafeez, Nazia is very young and beautifull.

Hafeez got married in 2007 with Nazia. They are most romantic and lovely couple in Pakistani cricket team. They are most favourite couple, Now they are parents of three kids, Muhammad hafeez most lover of travelling, every 3 month he go to different countries with lovely young wife.

He take the retirement in very young age, In 2022, Cricketer Muhammad hafeez is 41 years old, He was born in 1980 at Sarghoda Pakistan. You all knwo he is international level Cricket Player, He joined the Khyber Pakhtunkhwan Cricket team in 2020, The batting style of Hafeez is Right handed.

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