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Famous Politician Sharmila Farooqi Enjoy With Husband in Maldives

Sharmila Sahiba Faruqui Hashaam is a Pakistani politician from Karachi, affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples Party. She is also a most biggest and famous actress in Pakistani drama indusry, She is very beautifull and young star. Sharmila Farooqi always play aunt or big sister roles in Dramas. She is very innocent star.

Now days Actress Sharmila Farooqi enjoy summer vocations with moto husband and kid in Maldives, Sharmila farooqi wore full open tight dresses on this tour, She looks so bold young and beautifull in recent clicks, Sharmila farooqi also swimming in Maldives. she is very attractive Personality.

Assuming we talk about the time of well known Pakistani big name and lawmaker Sharmila Farooqi in the year 2022, then she has turned 43 years of age. Furthermore, she began her wedded life a couple of years prior by wedding financial specialist Hasham Riaz Sheik and presently she is a mother of a child.

All of you realize that Sharmila Farooqi is viewed as one of the most delightful legislators in Pakistan. Furthermore, the discussion of this legislator’s eastern dressing is additionally well known in the places of Pakistan. Many individuals think about Sharmila as an icon and follow her on Instagram also, because of which the quantity of devotees on her Instagram has arrived at millions.

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