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Beautifull Pictures of Actress Naimal Khawar Looks so Young After Marriage

Naimal Khawar is very beautifull and young actress of Pakistani showbiz Industry, She is very talented and famous start, After marriage naimal khwar left the showbiz industry, Now they all time spent with family and husband. Naimal khawar share new pictures on social media, She wore simple attractive dress, Naimal khawar looks so lovely and young in these pictures.

Actress Naimal Khawar got marriage in 2019 with Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, they are most favourite and romantic couple of pakistani drama industry. Now they are parents of one cute son. Naimal khawar amazing works in film industry, the most famous movie of naimal khawar is vrna, But you know after marriage she left the showbiz.

She complete the Education from National College of Arts, Rawalpindi (NCA)- A Fedral Chartered Institute. Naimal Khawar is 28 years old in 2022, She is very smart young and fitt in this age, She was born in 1993. Naimal khawar share every new pictures on instagram account, She is very active star on instagram.

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