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Beautifull Pictures Birthday Celebration of Actress Sarah Khan Looks so Young and Lovely

You all know Sarah khan is most innocent and simple beautifull actress of Pakistani drama industry, She is very talented and young star, Every drama of Actress Sarah khan hit the social and specific Tv channal because she play amazing and outstanding acting in every drama serials.

Last night Actress Sarah khan celebrate birthday at home with husband Falak Shabir, Falak shabbir give the most beautifull new way flower and one most expensive gift. Sarah khan wore simple lovely dress on birthday celebration, she looks so young and beautifull, Actress Sarah khan also cutt the cake and give the 1st bite of cake to young husband Falak shabbir.

You know Sarah khan was ex girl friend of young Actor singer Agha Ali,they have almost 2 years in relatioship then they have breakup for her personal issues, Then falak shabbir pupose to Sarah khan for marry, Sarah khan accept the puposal of Falak shabir and they got married in 2020, Ther are most romantic young and favourite couple of Pakistani showbiz industry, Now they are parents of one cute doughter Alyana falak.

Actress Sarah khan amazing works in film industry, The most famous movie of Sarah khan is September. She complete the education from University of karachi. In 2022, Actress Sarah khan is 30 years old, She was born in 1992 at Madina Saudi Arabia. The most famous drama of Sarah Khan is Sabaat.

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