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Ayesha Omar and Other Famous Celebrities Beautifull Pictures From Turkey

Ayesha Omar is a Pakistani actress and YouTuber. Considered as a style icon in her home country, Omar is one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses of Pakistan. She is very talented and famous actress, Now Ayesha Omer not appeared in any new drama, She only works in one Drama Bulbaly at Ary Digital.

Actress Ayesha Omar Share recent lovely pictures on instagram account, Now days Ayesha Omar enjoy in turkey with other famous celebrities and Politics leader such as Humayun saeed, Adana Sadiqui, Ushna Shah with fainace and Faisal Javed etc. these are following clicks, Ayesha omar wore full open shirt and tight jeans pent, She looks so bold and young in this age.

Ayesha omar is 40 years old star in 2022, She is very young smart and fitt in this age, She go to GYM every day, so thats why she very smart and fitt. Ayesha omar was born in 1981 at Lahore Pakistan. She nomination the lux style award for the best Album and She also won the lux style award for the best Album.

Famous Young Actress Ayesha Omar complete the study from Lahore Grammar School, Beachonhouse School System, More. Indian film pop and pop are genre of Actress Ayesha Omar. The height of Actress Ayesha omar is 1.52 m. She is very noughty and open mind actress in pakistani showbiz industry.

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