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At The Time of Nikkah Actress Arisha Raazi Hug to Mom and Crying

Arisha Raazi is most youthful and capable entertainer in pakistani showbiz industry, She is very beautifull and renowned star, Arisha raazi play the younger sibling jobs in each show, since her level is excessively short. In any case, her presentation of each and every show sequential is extraordinary and astonishing. She is exceptionally guiltless star.

The previous evening Entertainer Arisha Raazi favored with nikkah, Arisha Raazi share beautifull wonderful nikkah pictures with spouse and family, Entertainer Arisha Raazi wore straightforward alluring dress on Nikkah day, She looks so youthful exquisite and adorable wedding. Spouse of Arisha raazi look large age from Arisha however they looks so beautifull couple.

From most recent couple of years entertainer arisha raazi slow works in showbiz industry, In 2022, Entertainer Arisha raazi is 22 years of age, She was brought into the world in 1999 at karachi pakistan. She is exceptionally brilliant youthful and fitt in this age. Arisha Raazi complete the instruction from Dawood State funded School. The kin of Arisha razi in showbiz is Sara Razi.

She is television have in the Urdu communicated business. She started her vocation with acting a couple of stamped plugs advancements; she did her most significant business at three years of age and a half years.She opened her own karachi based dress brand itsforu with her senior sister sara razi khan.

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