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After Marriage Arisha Razi Enjoy First Honeymoon in Dubai With Husband

Arisha Raazi is most energetic and proficient performer in pakistani showbiz industry, She is very beautifull and famous star, Arisha raazi play the more youthful kin occupations in each show, since her level is unnecessarily short. Anyway, her show of every single show successive is remarkable and amazing. She is incredibly guiltless star.

You all know three days ago Actress Arisha razi got marriage with czn, She got arranged marriage, Third day of her marriage, Arisha razi go to dubai with husband for enjoy first honeymoon. Actress Arisha razi wore full tight bold pent shirts, She looks so smart young and bold in these pictures, After marriage arish razi shining face and looks healthy these following clicks.

She executed her acting ability in different hit television projects as Sadqay Tumharay, Abro, Malika-e-Aaliya ,Na Kaho Tum Mairay Nahi, and Raaz-e-Ulfat. She is an effective entertainer quite early on. A few other super undertakings are ready to go. Arisha is the sister of Sarah Razi Khan. The last option got hitched in 2018 and was honored with a child young lady. The two sisters share a very impressive bond. Razi sisters sent off a dress line named as Its For U Storeroom in Karachi.

The prevalence of Arisha Razi and Sarah Razi has expanded such a lot of that now the two sisters have likewise opened their own dress image. Above all, Arisha Razi is likewise demonstrating her own dress image. While their apparel image is likewise being popular on the lookout and among ladies.

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