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Actress Yumna Zaidi Celebrating Birthday At Home Alone With Pictures of Her Parents

Yumna Zaidi is very innocent and beautifull actress in pakistani drama industry, You know Yumna Zaidi is still single in this age without any boy friend, If we talk about the age of actress yumna zaidi in 2022, She turned is 33 years old, She is very smart young and fitt in this age. Yumna zaidi was born in 1989 at karachi pakistan.

Last night Actress Yumna Zaidi celebrating birthday alone at home, Yumna zaidi share beautifull pictures during birthday celebration, She celebarte with the pictures of her father and mother, You know few year ago yumna zaidi loss her parents. She not invite to any friend, Yumna Zaidi share her parents and childhood memorable pictures on instagram account.

She nomination the lux style award for the best Tv female actor and also she won the lux style award for the best Tv female actor. Indian Film pop are genre of Yumna zaidi, She complete the education from University of Home Economics. . She has established her career as one of the leading television actress in Urdu-television industry and is known for portraying diverse characters in social to romantic dramas.

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