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Actress Maryam Nafees Enjoy Honeymoon and Summer Vocations in Thailand with Husband and Friends

Maryam Nafees is most youngest and famous actress of pakistani drama industry, She is very talented and beautifull star, Maryam Nafees play both roles by positive or negative in dramas, but she mostly play negative roles because negative role suit on Maryam nafees persoanlity, She is very clever and noughty star.

You all know Actress maryam nafees few month ago got marriage with boy friend, Now days Actress maryam nafees enjoy honeymoon and also summer vocations in thailand with husband and close friends. Maryam nafees feeling so romantic and happy with husband, She looks so smart lovely and young in these pictures.

In 2022, Actress maryam nafees is 28 yeard old, She is very fitt smart and young in this age, She was born in 1994 at Islamabad Pakistan. Actress maryam nafees made her television debut in Hum TV’s Diyar-e-Dil as Zarminey and later appeared as Tabinda in Kuch Na Kaho and more.

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