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Actor Gohar Mumtaz Celebrating Birthday With Lovely Young Wife Anam Momtaz

Goher Mumtaz is a Pakistani musician, singer-songwriter, music composer, guitarist and actor. He is famous for being the founding member of rock band Jal. Every song of Gohar Mumtaz hit the millions views from all social media platforms, because voice of mumtaz gohar is very soft and kind.

Last night Actor Gohar Mumtaz Celebrating his birthday with lovely young wife Anam Mumtaz, The wife of Actor Gohar mumtaz is very beautifull young and lovely, but she not interested in showbiz. Anam mumtaz wore full open bold dress on her husband birthday, She looks so young and hot in these pictures, Gohar mumtaz cutt the cake and give the first bite to wife Anam,and also give the kisses and hug a lots.

Singer Gohar Mumtaz got married in 2016 with Anam Gohar, The marriage location of Gohar and Anam is Islamabad, In 2022, Actor Gohar Mumtaz is 41 years old, He was born in 1981 at lahore Pakistan. The Genre of Gohar Mumtaz is Rock, Pop Music, Sufi rock and indian pop.

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