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Actor Faysal Qureshi and His 3rd Wife Sana Faysal Beautifull Pictures At Nida Morning Show

Faysal Qureshi Consider the most senior and famous actor and producer of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. He is very hard work actor, Faysal Qureshi always play main actor roles in every drama serials, He is very fitt young Actor in this age. Faysal Qureshi also host the different television Show host.

You all know faysal qureshi give the divorced to wives, and now he got 3rd marraige with Sana faysal in 2010. They are very romantic and young couple in pakistani drama industry. Faysal qureshi father of three kids, One doughter and one son are kids of 3rd wife Sana faysal and One young doughter Hanish Qutreshi is from 1st wife. She live seprate from father faysal qureshi.

Today we discuss, Faysal qureshi come at Nida yasir Good Morning Show with 3rd young lovely wife Sana faysal, Faisal qureshi and Sana faysal wore same simple black dresses. they looks so attractive and beautifull in these pictures. Faisal qureshi and Sana faisal are most fvrt couple of pakistani youth.

He appears in Pakistani television dramas, reality shows and films, and is one of Pakistan’s highest-paid actors. He is the recipient of more than 20 nationally recognised awards.┬áSana Qureshi additionally begin Displaying in She did her first Shoot with Attire Brand. Fatoor is the most popular Show of Hiba Bukhari and Faysal. In the wake of Acting Faysal additionally Invest some energy at Facilitating in Bol Telecom company. How about we check Two or three Pictures of Sana Faysal with her Better half.

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