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Iqra Aziz Beautifull Pictures with Son Kabir and Young Sister & Mother

Iqra Aziz is most youngest and lovely actress in Pakistani showbiz industry, She is very talented and famous Star, Iqra Aziz is oneest young actress who made mother in earlier age. Every drama of Iqra Aziz hit the millions views from social media, Mostly famous drama of iqra aziz made with Actor Feroz, The most famous drama of iqra aziz if drama history is Khuda our Muhabbat with Feroz khan at Geo Tv.

The age of Actress Iqra aziz is 24 years old, She was born in 1997 at karachi Pakistan. She got married with famous actor producer Yasir Hussain in 2019, Now they spent happy life with together, they are most romantic couple in pakistani showbiz industry, They are parents of one cute son Kabir Hussain.

You all know Yasir hussain is more big 12 year from the real age of Iqra Aziz, but they both spent happy and satisfied life. Iqra aziz complete the edication from University of Karachi. She won the Lux Style award for the best Female Actor. The height of Iqra Aziz is 1.45 m.

Iqra Aziz originally tried out as a TV advertisement model and was picked by Citrus Ability Office. She is very open minded and noughty Star, Iqra Aziz is very attractive and charming personlity in showbiz.

Yasir Hussain’s movies were prohibited in Pakistan yet Universally He got an honor of this Film This is the slap of Individuals who restricted this Film Really take a look at a few Lovable and Shocking Pictures with Family.

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