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Pakistani Famous Celebrities Enjoy Late Night Birthday Party of Hassan Rizvi

Hasan Rizvi is a dance visionary, melodic chief, entertainer and choreographer. He has likewise settled and running the primary Wellbeing and Wellness studio of Pakistan – BBRC. Hasan was chosen ‘Hip Jump Minister’ by the US branch of State to address Pakistan in 2010 which remembered state exhibitions for the US. Hasan Rizvi additionally showed up in Wajahat Rauf’s film “Lahore Se Aagay”.

Hassan Rizvi won the Hearts of peoples bevause she amazing and Outstanding acting, Managment and also most amazing Performance in Dance, Most famous Dance of Hassan rizvi in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. He is very Youngest Star of Pakistan Showbiz.

Last Night Hassan Rizvi arranged the Birthday party, Hassan rizvi full enjoy with friends on Birthday celebration. Hassan Rizvi invite the msot famous Showbiz Friends on Birthday party, A large number of the renowned famous people including Imran Ashraf, Muneeb Butt, Nida Yasir, Sarwat Gilani, Zoya Nasir and numerous others were spotted at the occasion. We should examine a portion of the photos from Hasan’s ritzy birthday celebration.

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