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Adorable and Lovely Pictures of Actress Saboor Ali in Simple Dress

Saboor ali is very beautifull and Youngest Actress in Pakistani Showbiz Industry, She is very talented and famous Star, you all know few month ago Actress Saboor Ali got married with Actor Ali Ansari, Now she spent happy life with Husband.

After marriage Actress Saboor Ali wores simple lovely dresses, She looks so innocent and beautiful in these dresses. Actress Saboor Ali write down caption on these pictures, My Husband adviced for wore simple dresses in Ramdan month, so thats why me wore every day simple lovely dress.

Who appears in Urdu films and television series. The younger sister of actress Sajal Aly, she began her acting career with a supporting role with her sister in the family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain, but garnered recognition with a comic role in the sitcom Mr. Shamim. 

In 2022, Actress Saboor Ali is 27 Years old Star, She was born in 1995 at Lahore Pakistan. She got married with Actor Ali Ansari in 2022. Actress Saboor Ali complete the education from University of the Punjab and Lahore Grammer School. Sajaly is sibling of Actress Saboor Ali. 1.65 m height of Actress Saboor Ali.

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