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Actress Fatima Effendi Beautiful Pictures with Husband at Dubai

Fatima Effendi is very innocent and lovely Actress in Pakistani showbiz Industry. She is most famous and beautiful Actress, Fatima Effendi mostly play Positive sad role in every drama, her acting in every drama is amazing and outstanding.

Actress Fatima Effendi share lovely adorable Pictures on social media, Fatima Effendi enjoy with Young Husband Arslan Khawar in Dubai. She looks so Young and hot in recent clicks. They are most attractive couple in Pakistani showbiz industry. Fatima and her husband Arslan both work in Pakistani showbiz industry.

She has showed up in the Pakistani dramatization series Man-O-Salwa, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Ishq Ibadat and Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti.Fatima is hitched to entertainer Kanwar Arsalan and the two of them are honored with two other-worldly child young men. The two of them are the most noticeable and enthralling couple in media outlet and there’s not even a shadow of a doubt that the two of them fall supporting each other through various challenges.

In 2022, Actress Fatima Effendi is 29 Years old, She was born in 1992 at karachi Pakistan. She is very fit and young. Fatima Effendi got married with Actor Arslan Khawar in 2012. Mariam Effendi is Sibling of fatima effendi in showbiz industry. Fauzia Mushtaq are Parents of Fatima Effendi.

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