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Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan Adorable and Lovely Pictures at Kanwal Aftab Mayun

You all know Rabeeca Khan is most famous and Youngest Tiktok Star, She is newest and talented star, Every video of Rabeeca Khan on Tiktok hit the millions views on Tiktok, She is very Innocent Star, Tiktoker Tabeeca Khan also start the acting in Pakistani Drama Industry coming days.

Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan share latest Pictures, She attend the Mayun of Best Friend Kanwal Aftab and Zulqernain. Tiktoker Rabeeca Khan wore green and yellow simple beautiful dress, she looks so lovely young like as a real bridal. She is very attractive Personality on Tiktok media.

A great many people don’t realize that Rabeeca Khan is the little girl of jokester Kashif Khan. What’s more she has affirmed in her meetings that she needs to be an extraordinary entertainer and host like her dad. There are no two sentiments on this. Rabeeca has become well known in her showbiz in an exceptionally brief time frame and she has arrived at the statures of distinction.

Only a couple of days prior, Rabeeca Khan’s tune “Party Wali Night” turned out to be extremely well known via online media. Also taking a gander at her normal acting, it doesn’t appear as though she is another Pakistani entertainer. In this limited ability to focus three to four years, the quantity of devotees on Rabeeca Khan’s Instagram has arrived at millions. Also she, when all is said and done, affirms that any place she is today, it is simply because of the fans.

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