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Sana Khan Returned Ummrah with Husband Mufti Anas

You all know Sana Khan is most famous and talented Actress of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. She is very Youngest and lovely Actress, She amazing work in Showbiz industry, but now she left the showbiz industry and joined the Islam after marriage with Mufti Anas Syed.

Now Days Sana Khan Pray Ummarh with Husband Mufti Anas, Sana Khan Share most beautiful Pictures during Ummrah, She wore Simple Abaya in different colors, She looks so Lovely and Young in these Pictures. They are very attarctive and charming couple.

Sana additionally discussed her excursion and sentiments about this profound love. She appealed to God for all of us to get an opportunity to perform Umrah and Hajj. Sana Khan is honored in obvious significance. May Allah all-powerful keep we all on the way of honorableness and we look for Allah’s Assistance from all the cynicism and shar around us. Here are the strong pictures of Sana khan. Remember to look at these.

Previous Bollywood diva has got what the greater part of us can’t fathom. She has been picked by Allah All-powerful and Allah All-powerful has made her indescribably pleased with the Noor and light of Islam. Following her marriage with Mufti Anas, she has left Bollywood and is committing her life to the proclaiming of Islam and to follow the lessons of this delightful religion. She has turned into the motivation for some individuals.

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