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Nida Yasir Invite to New Bhabhi and Brother on Good Morning Show

Nida Yasir is most famous and senior actress in Pakistani showbiz Industry, She is very talented and lovely Actress. Nida Yasir won the hearts of peoples because she amazing and outstanding acting in Pakistani drama Industry, but now she left the drama Industry, she only work in TV Show Host Good Morning Show on Ary Digital.

Actress Nida yasir Invite to new bhabhi and younger brother on her Good Morning Show, Nida asked the questions from bhabhi and brother about her wedding, Nida Yasir and her bhabhi wore simple dress, she looks so Innocent and lovely.

Toward the start of the show, Nida got truly passionate while looking at satisfying her sibling’s marriage without her mom. As of late they had a heartbreaking loss of losing their mom that is in a real sense uncompensated. Nida was looks amazingly lovely in such a lot of delicate toned dress with delightful and inconspicuous cosmetics.

Her sibling Talha and bhabhi Sumbul met got to know one another in 2019 through Facebook and from that point onward, in lockdown, they in the long run got keen on getting hitched. Without a doubt showed up. Nida Yasir that her sibling Talha is only her children as the Naadaniyan entertainer has a significant age contrast with her adored sibling. They additionally talked with regards to a few decent and negative quirks of Talha and it was great.

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