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Beautiful Pictures of Actress Fatima Effendi with Husband on Wedding

Fatima Effendi is renowned and skilled Entertainer in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. She is extremely Honest Entertainer. Fatima Affendi won the Hearts of People groups since she exceptional and astonishing Acting in Pakistani Dramatization Industry.

Actress Fatima Effendi Share latest lovely Pictures with Young Husband on Friend Wedding. Fatima Effendi wore simple beautiful dress, she looks so young and adorable in these Pictures. Fatima Effendi and Arslan are very Romantic Couple in Pakistani showbiz Industry.

The Period of Entertainer Fatima Effendi in 2021, She turned is 29 Years of age. She was brought into the world in 1992 at Karachi Pakistan. She was Hitched with Youthful Entertainer Arslan in 2012. The Kin of fatima afffendi in Showbiz Industry is Mariam Effendi. The Mother name is Fouzia Mushtaq.

Fatima Effendi has a worship marriage with Kanwar Arsalan. She has attested in a gathering that Kanwar was not ready to get hitched soon. In any case, she has made a condition with Kanwar that accepting you don’t get hitched then our relationship won’t work like this. As a result of this motivation, Kanwar expected to marry Fatima and this is the way accomplishment came in his life later marriage.

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