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Actress Shagufta Ijaz Share Beautiful Pictures of Doughter Barat with Husband and Friends

All of you realize Shagufta Ijaz is generally well known and senior Entertainer in Pakistani showbiz Industry. She is extremely Blameless and capable star. Shagufta Ijaz Perform astounding acting in Pakistani dramatization Industry. She generally play mother job in each show.

Actress Shagufta Ijaz Share most beautiful lovely Pictures of her cute doughter Barat with her old husband and Close friends Saba Faisal. She is very fit and Lovely actress in this age but her husband looks so old, but Shagufta Ijaz spent is very happy and Satisfied life.

Shagufta Ijaz Offer most delightful Photos of her adorable doughter Wedding, Shagufta Ijaz wore straightforward excellent Green dress and her doughter wore pink shading dress, They looks so wonderful and beautiful in these Photos. Entertainer Shagufta Ijaz is generally attarctive and beguiling Character in Pakistani showbiz Industry.

Entertainer Shagufta Ijaz is 48 Years of age in 2022, She was brought into the world in 1971 at Gujrat Pakistan. She was hitched with Yahya Siddiqui. She is extremely Guiltless and Senior entertainer. She displayed in PTV Home’s commendable serials in 1990’s.She is considered among the best performers of Pakistan. She similarly displayed in scarcely any Punjabi films.

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