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Actress Ghana Ali Share Lovely Pictures at Nida Yasir Birthday with Husband

You all know Ghana Ali is very Innocent and lovely Actress in Pakistani showbiz Industry. Ghana Ali too much low work in Pakistani drama Industry, she take the still break from showbiz Project from last almost 1.5 Years reasons of her Pergnancy but now she officially Got Mother, now she ready for the work in New Drama Project.

Actress Ghana Ali Share new lovely Pictures on social media, Ghana Ali celebrate the 48th Birthday of senior actress Nida Yasir with her Golo molo Husband. Actress Ghana Ali take a lovely kiss of Husband in front of all Guest. Ghana Ali wore simple lovely dress, she looks so smart and Young in these Pictures.

Ghana and Umair divulged a few unconscious realities about their relationship and this episode was certainly worth watching. Ghana Ali uncovered that she was at a games complex rehearsing some shooting range when this man came to her and trained her the ideal method for becoming amazing. He likewise told her the manner in which she was rehearsing she could without much of a stretch hurt her shoulder.

Ghana Ali and Umair needed to confront a few hesitance from their families concerning their marriage however Ghana’s oldest sister helped them a ton to make everybody concur. This couple needed to confront extreme analysis for specific reasons. Individuals named her a homewrecker on the grounds that she wedded a man who was at that point wedded. He left his first spouse and a child for Ghana Ali.

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