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Naimal Khawar Share Lovely Pictures with Young Husband and Cute Son

Naimal Khawar is the Wife of famouse Actor Hamza Ali Abbassi, Naimal Khawar is also a big famous Actress in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Naimal Khawar is most Stunning and Shinning Face. She is very Innocent Actress.

Actress Naimal Khawar Share Beautiful Pictures with cute Son and Young Handsome Husband. Naimal Khawar wore simple dress, she looks so nice and lovely, Her Husband always wore Balck Color Dress, he like black color. They are most romantic and young Couple of Pakistani Showbiz Industry.

The age of Naimal Khawar is 28 Years old in 2021, She was born in 1993. She was married with Actor Hamza Ali Abbass in 2019. She Complete the Education from National Collge of Arts. The most famous movie of Actress Naimal Khawar is Verna, but now She left the Showbiz Industry.

Naimal is such a fashionista and knows how to pull off each examine a rich and refined way. She is a dream of magnificence and looks very beguiling in conventional clothing. Her doll-confronted highlights make her seem as though a genuine doll. Hamza Ali Abbasi, her better half left the showbiz business for religion Islam. The two of them share an excellent bond with their child.

Naimal Khawar Abbasi is a Pakistani entertainer, visual craftsman, painter, and a social extremist. She came into the spotlight by assuming the part of ‘Mahgul’ in the Pakistani film “Verna.” She is the spouse of the previous Pakistani entertainer, Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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