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Actress Fatima Effendi Celebrate 30 Birthday with Young Husbnad in Dubai

Fatima Effendi is famous and talented Actress in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. She is very Innocent Actress. Fatima Affendi won the Hearts of Peoples because she outstanding and amazing Acting in Pakistani Drama Industry.

Actress Fatima Effendi Share the most attractive and Adorable Pictures of Birthday Celebration with Young Husbnad Arslan Khawar on Social Media. She looks so Young and lovely in these Pictures. She is very Attractive and Charming Personality.

The Age of Actress Fatima Effendi in 2021, She turned is 29 Years old. She was born in 1992 at Karachi Pakistan. She was Married with Young Actor Arslan in 2012. The Sibling of fatima afffendi in Showbiz Industry is Mariam Effendi. The Mother name is Fouzia Mushtaq.

Fatima Effendi has an adoration marriage with Kanwar Arsalan. She has affirmed in a meeting that Kanwar was not prepared to get hitched soon. However, she has made a condition with Kanwar that assuming you don’t get hitched then our relationship won’t work like this. Because of this impulse, Kanwar needed to wed Fatima and this is the manner by which achievement came in his life later marriage.

Here we let you know one thing that Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan have two children (Almir and Mahabir). What’s more taking a gander at the photos of a few’s children, it seems as though they are rulers. Then again, many individuals are uninformed that Fatima Effendi is the girl of senior Pakistani entertainer Fouzia Mushtaq. What’s more Fatima’s advantage in acting began when she saw her mom dealing with the television screen.

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